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Our History

GoodSoy is the result of the vision and dedication of a family that has it´s roots in the field. Our history starts in the 1960s, when Brazilian soil welcomed the ideas of a man who knew that the world, even though trending toward technological and industrial development, would need more food. Mr. Ma Shou Tao, a Chinese immigrant that adopted Brasil as his home, not having any prior experience in agriculture, realized the great agricultural potential of the country and decided to invest in farming, renting a small farm in Carazinho, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, where he began his experience in the field.

Later on, in 1973, with business expanding, he decided to invest in Minas Gerais, in the region of Uberaba. He was one of the pioneers in the cultivation of soybeans in the country, both in Southern Brazil and in the Brazilian savannah. The production of soybeans was the main pillar of the business, involving strong partnerships with research institutions and leading companies in the development of the best technology in the production of soybeans and soybean seeds, making the company to be recognized and respected in the whole country.

In 2002, guided by the dream to take food to the table of many families, GoodSoy was born, through the cuisine-driven talent and passion of Ângela Ma, daugther-in-law of the founder. With the complete mastery over the soybean chain, ensuring the quality of raw materials, GoodSoy developed innovative functional food, based on non-GMO soybeans, and became a reference in innovative, healthy and tasty products.

In continuous evolution and always connected to people´s needs, today GoodSoy offers various food options made of soy, oats and buckwheat, planted and harvested in our own fields and free of cross-contamination. Together with this, some products are enriched with chia, quinoa, flaxseed, among other nutritious ingredients. We take care to provide nutritional balance, in ideal portions, always using the best ingredients is in our DNA.

In 2010 and 2013, GoodSoy was awarded for product innovation in the FI Awards, the main national prize for the food ingredient and food product industry.

GoodSoy is a brand of NHD Foods company, committed to offer the best products in the Health and Well-Being segment that unite, in the best way possible, the qualities of nutritious, healthy and delicious foods.